Tackling Real Life Issues – Constable Kevin Asare

Posted On Thursday February 07, 2019

This is my story.

Policing is something that interested me as a kid, but growing up in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto wasn’t easy and my thoughts of a policing career faded away. The daily struggles living within an inner city culture and environment made dreaming about the future very difficult. In my high school years I was bullied when I refused to get involved in running drugs for local gangs and this only added to my frustrations and confusion about my life in the future.  

As the years passed and I reflected on those challenging times, my motivation to become a police officer returned. I recognized that I could help promote change by stopping criminals, I could be an example to youth, show them it’s possible to steer clear of the criminal lifestyle.  Once focused on this career goal, I knew the next step was to continue developing myself.

In 2007, I attended the University of Toronto and became an Ontario University Athletic Association football player. I captained the Varsity Blues Football team as a linebacker.  In 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology.

Joining the police service, after playing elite level sports, felt like a natural progression for me.  I was able to use many of the skills learned from sports in my daily police duties within the community.  This included using training to make quick, smart decisions in the most heated of situations, while ensuring everyone’s safety. Similar to playing football, film sessions and practices prepare you for the game, but once the whistle blows, it’s your critical thinking and ability to adapt to the fluidity of the game that gets you by. 

I traded my playbook for the Peel Police Directives. It guides my actions when I am out on the road, like my football playbook guided me when I was on the field. My studying is constant, to enable me to be the best officer that I am capable of being.

The truth is, the first year was a bit of a culture shock and an adjustment getting used to working four 12-hour shifts while juggling family life.  But much like when I was a full time student-athlete, time management and discipline allowed me to complete all my tasks while still finding time for the gym and family activities.

Since being hired, I’ve been involved in numerous drug and gun investigations.  I’m doing what I wanted to do as a kid, stopping the criminals, helping others and leading by example. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and couldn’t see myself in any other career and as always, I’m still smiling!

Constable Kevin Asare

Peel Regional Police

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