Peel Police, Brampton Fire, Neighbours and a Vet Pull Together to Rescue 6 Residents and 2 Cats at a Burning Brampton Home

Posted On Monday June 07, 2021

A neighbour called 911 to report the blaze that had fully engulfed a residential garage and four cars, and was spreading quickly in a Brampton neighbourhood just after 1:00 a.m. on April 29, 2021.

Pamela Noseworthy sprung into action to get her family of six safely out of various levels of the house to the backyard. Her elderly mother and brother-in-law were both confined to wheelchairs. 

Responding officers flooded the area to evacuate the residents of neighbouring homes as vehicles that had caught fire exploded around them.

A layer of thick smoke began to move toward Pamela and her family, trapping them between a fence and the billowy toxic nightmare.

Peel Regional Police officers from 22 Division quickly coordinated their efforts to assist the family to safety. They disconnected a propane tank in the process to prevent further danger as Brampton Firefighters battled the blaze.

“They were awesome.” shared Pamela of the responding officers from 22 Division, “They busted the fence down and helped us to get out of the yard. One put my mother over his shoulder and lifted her over it. They helped my brother-in-law over too. He is an amputee.”

Not a single person was injured nor had to attend hospital in this incident. However, two family cats who were inside the residence at the time were at risk of a different fate. The firefighters on the scene refused to give up until they found them both. One of them suffered some injury, but a local veterinarian nursed the feline family member back to health. They have all been reunited. 

Let’s not forget to mention all of the heroes of this terrifying event. Every helpful action counts.

Pamela, focused on getting her family safe, found herself shoeless outside. Seeing this, her neighbour gave her the shoes from his feet. More neighbours flocked to aid the family with provisions and financial support, as resources have been more challenging to acquire due to pandemic restrictions.

“Never in a million years did I think this would happen.” Continued Pamela, “It still feels like a dream.” 

As a result of the family’s, the officers’, the firefighters’ and community members’ commitment, bravery, quick collective decision-making, and teamwork, at least six lives were saved that morning.

Community safety is a shared responsibility. The remarkable work done by all who were involved in this frightening situation truly exemplifies that. It is a great relief to know that the whole family is safe and well. 

A Safer Community Together.

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