CAUTION: Slippery When Wet

Posted On Wednesday October 02, 2019

Driving in the rain, whether it is a sprinkle or a downpour, can be a very intimidating situation.

Thousands of collisions occur every year in the Region of Peel. Know your driving ability in wet weather and take extra precautions to avoid a collision to keep you and your passengers safe.

Here are some tips when driving in the rain:

1)      Slow down. Your vehicles reaction time is much slower in the rain.
2)      Maintenance your vehicle regularly and ensure your headlights, taillights, tires and windshield wipers are all in good working order.
3)      Maintain a safe distance between cars.
4)      Water can cause hydroplaning, which causes loss of traction. If you find yourself hydroplaning, take your foot off the pedals and allow the vehicle to coast through the water before braking or accelerating.
5)      Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware and cautious of other drivers and pedestrians.

Remember if you do not feel safe, do not hesitate to pull off the road into a safe location and wait for the rain to lighten up or stop all together.

We want everyone to get home safely.

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