PSA: Increase in Vehicle Thefts

Posted On Friday September 17, 2021

Region of Peel- After seeing in increase in vehicle thefts over the last two weeks, where suspects have been using advanced technology to obtain codes for key fobs, investigators are urging the public to use increased vigilance to prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

Since the start of September, nearly 30 vehicles have been stolen from residences within Peel Region. Luxury vehicles, SUV’s and pick-up trucks equipped with push-button start, seem to be the target for these thefts. The stolen vehicles are then either shipped out of the country, disassembled or, in some cases, re-vinned and sold to unsuspecting buyers through private vehicle sales. 

 In an effort to help reduce these instances of crime, here are some safety tips to consider to protect your property:

  • If possible, park vehicles in a locked garage
  • Install GPS trackers in vehicles if possible
  • Install steering wheel lock systems
  • Store vehicle keys/fobs away from the exterior walls of your home
  • Consider storing keys/fobs in Faraday boxes
  • Ensure you always lock car doors and roll up your windows
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting in the area of driveways and entranceways

Analysis of these most recent thefts has shown that they occur during the week between the hours of 12am and 5am and in residential areas. Homeowners are encouraged to become familiar with their neighbours and be cognizant of suspicious activity, and report that activity to police.

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