Surrender to Love

Posted On Thursday February 13, 2020

Love is in the air in the Region of Peel. That is right; the time has come again when we take the opportunity to demonstrate affection for each other on the very special day we know as Valentine’s Day. Of course we should do our best to show love and appreciation every day but Valentine’s Day is a reminder that the love you have for your relationship is something valuable and worth celebrating.

With special occasions, emotions can run high when partners do not see eye to eye. It is important to deal with these heightened emotions in a safe manner. There are counseling services available for couples needing help working through differences. There are also a number of crisis counseling and community service contacts listed on our website.  

Something special brought you two together. For this Valentine’s Day and beyond, please take the time to cherish each other and to nurture your relationship for a healthier future.

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