Clear Zone - A Robbery Prevention Program for Retailers

Posted On Wednesday November 07, 2018

If you could reduce robbery incidents by even one, would you want to know everything about it? If your answer is yes then read on and become one step closer to reducing victimization and promoting public safety.

Clear Zone is designed to do just this, reduce the incidents of robberies by increasing knowledge on strategies and increase security among retail businesses.

This program is designed to strip away the offenders’ anonymity through strategic placement. It is accomplished by identifying a prominent window that strategically overlooks the cash handling area and ensures that promotional materials do not obstruct the view into and out of the store. 

The majority of transactions, including robberies, take place at the sales counter. Removing signs from the window eliminates the cover it provides for an offender. The Clear Zone decals generate conversations between staff and customers, as well as drawing potential witness by getting people both inside and outside of the store paying attention.

Circle K, formerly known as Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc., took the opportunity to partner with Peel Regional Police in 2013 and implemented the Clear Zone program into all 14 of their locations in Peel from November 2013 to January 2014. Prior to Clear Zone, Circle K had 17 robbery incidents dating back to 2010. After Clear Zone, the company has had 14 robbery incidents — an 18 per cent reduction.

With the Clear Zone program’s success at their locations in Peel Region, Circle K adopted the program and rebranded the decal. In January 2015, they implemented Clear Zone into four “high risk” store locations in Thunder Bay, Ottawa and Toronto as a pilot program. Since then, the overall crime incidents have dropped down 92 per cent, according to recent data.

With continued success outside of Peel Region, Circle K rolled out a second set of installations into four additional “high risk” locations on May 27, 2017. Robbery incidents have decreased by 100 per cent to date at these spots.

It’s important to mention the program is not designed to make retail locations “robbery-proof.” It is intended to improve the function of the space while addressing a number of safety and security issues by providing ways to improve the property’s natural surveillance, natural access control and territoriality. 

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