Peel Regional Police and Peel Police Services Board Announces the 2nd Annual Auto Theft Summit

Posted On Friday September 15, 2023

Region of Peel – Peel Regional Police and Peel Police Services Board are pleased to announce that they will once again be hosting police services, government officials and auto sector partners for the 2nd Annual Auto Theft Summit on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

Peel Region is at the forefront of auto theft as it continues to have the highest rates per capita. It is an issue that Peel Regional Police is investing heavily to address through enhancements in investigative capabilities, enforcement, and identifying innovative solutions and measures through multi-sector collaboration. 

The inaugral Auto Theft Summit was held in March of 2023. This was the first time that police, government and representatives from the auto sector met to discuss ways to combat auto theft. Three sets of recommendations were agreed upon from the Summit: invest and enhance collaboration between police agencies, establish a multi-sector working group to identify solutions, and to raise public awareness and increase prevention campaigns.

Following the Summit, Peel Regional Police was pleased to see auto theft become a priority for government, auto manufacturers and the insurance industry. In May 2023, the Ontario Government announced $51 million in new measures to help police identify and dismantle organized auto crime.

As progress is being made, there is still much more work to be done to fully dismantle auto theft. The 2nd Annual Auto Theft Summit will build on the progress made in 2023 and further actions that can be taken.

Further details on the summit including location in Peel will be forthcoming.  

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