Video: Be A Road Safety Superhero

Posted On Monday May 13, 2019

Watch Video. We all dream of being a superhero at one point in our lives and Peel Regional Police are making those dreams come true with their newly developed Road Safety Superhero Campaign. 

This campaign is fun and educational for everyone. As a Road Safety Superhero, we are all responsible for making good decisions and helping to educate those around us.  Armed with the information on Road Safety, the citizens of the Region of Peel can assist Peel Regional Police with keeping themselves, their families and their friends safe.

“The overall safety of the community is a shared responsibility. Road safety for one is road safety for all. This will continue to be a top priority for the people that live, work, and visit in our region”, said Chief Chris McCord.

This campaign was developed to address the three biggest safety concerns on our roads today: 

  1. Distracted Driving.
  2. Impaired Driving.
  3. Pedestrian Safety.

Our campaign will help educate drivers and pedestrians in a proactive way with positive messages. The goal is to have everyone see themselves as the hero when it comes to road safety.

This campaign is designed to have persons of all ages practice being a designated driver, a focused driver and /or a mindful pedestrian.  Having the opportunity to pass along these valuable messages shows the community that we have the ability to be a super hero in our own way.

Responsibility, looking all ways, storing your phone while driving or walking, making eye contact with drivers, and eliminating distractions are some of those super powers we want you to have.  By sharing these with others, we are creating a safer community together.

Superhero video:

Photo Gallery: Road Safety Campaign 2019 will appear here on the public site.


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