Roundabouts and You - Fear No More

Posted On Thursday October 11, 2018

Some people see a roundabout and are not sure what to. They can’t go straight, they can’t go left and they can only go right.  They may begin to feel nervous or anxious but there is no reason to fear the roundabout. Take a breath and read the steps below. It will bring you understanding and confidence for the next time you come face to face with one of these ever increasing traffic control measures.

When approaching a roundabout:

  1. Slow down.
  2. Select the correct lane (each lane has a designated exit).
  3. Pay attention for pedestrians, cyclists and any traffic already driving through.
  4. Stop if the way is not clear.
  5. Enter when there is a safe gap in traffic.
  6. Drive in a counter-clockwise direction until you reach your exit.
  7. When exiting the roundabout use your right-turn signal.
  8. If you miss your exit, continue around the roundabout again and then exit.

What not to do:

  1. Passing or lane changes are NOT PERMITTED inside the roundabout.
  2. Stopping inside the roundabout is NOT PERMITTED, except to avoid a collision.

Emergency vehicles:

Outside the roundabout:

  1. Pull over to the right, if you can do so safely.
  2. Let the emergency vehicle pass you before you enter.

Inside the roundabout:

  1. Drive around to your intended exit.
  2. Leave the roundabout completely before you pull over to the right.
  3. Then let the emergency vehicle pass you.


  1. Wait for a gap in traffic.
  2. Cross only when it is safe.
  3. Never cross a roundabout by walking over the central island.


  1. Experienced cyclist can move through the roundabout the same way as a vehicle.
  2. New cyclists should get off their bicycles and cross the roundabout as pedestrians.

Now that you have reviewed the tips and have a full understanding of what is expected of you. Go forward and fear the roundabout no more.

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