New Technology in Frontline Vehicles Helps Enforce Road Safety

Posted On Thursday November 16, 2023

Region of Peel – Peel Regional Police has installed and deployed Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology within frontline patrol vehicles. As of October 2023, all vehicles equipped with ALPR have a camera-based system that scans and recognizes licence plates in poor standing and connected to ongoing police investigations.

“The ALPR solution modernizes the way officers conduct routine licence plate checks and will positively contribute towards safer roads and a safer community,” says Inspector Ryan Berrigan of Innovation and Technology Command. “This new technology is capable of scanning thousands of licence plates per hour and will assist our officers in locating stolen vehicles and apprehending many of those responsible.” 

ALPR alerts will help officers locate victims during an amber alert and other missing persons and vulnerable community members who may require assistance. Furthermore, the camera can record moving violations, evidence of impaired driving and capture roadside interactions with officers, similar to body-worn cameras.

Through funding from the Province of Ontario, ALPR technology has been equipped on approximately 350 Peel Regional Police frontline patrol vehicles.

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