Don’t Push the Limits

Posted On Sunday March 29, 2020

While many of us are laying low in our homes for required social distancing, we know that some of us still have to be out in the world to provide essential services. In many cases working extra hours too. This means that we are still driving on the roadways to and from work as well as during the course of delivering these essential services.

It is refreshing that there is much less traffic on the roads. Having less vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, collisions and other congestive obstacles certainly makes it easier for drivers traveling to their destinations. 

One reminder however has to be made about this level of driving freedom.

Peel Regional Police, as much as before the pandemic, is fully committed to community safety and is taking this opportunity to advise drivers to continue to obey the posted speed limits because less traffic does not mean it is safe to speed up.

In addition, we all want to have the most up to date information about this unprecedented virus outbreak situation so remember to stick to the radio stations and leave your devices alone.

Thank you all for your cooperation as we continue toward a Safer Community Together.  

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