Investing in Students - Peel Police, Moody's Analytics and Sheridan College

Posted On Friday January 27, 2023

In the summer of 2022, Peel Regional Police, Moody’s Analytics, and Sheridan College collaborated on an educational training program for marginalized students.

Funded by Moody’s Analytics, the program seeks to provide future business leaders with economic research regarding risk, performance, and financial modeling. Their mission includes “empowering their customers to make better, faster decisions.”

Moody’s initiative aligns with Peel Regional Police’s Community Safety and Well-Being model and the ‘Our Way Forward’ strategy. Peel Police aim to address priority risks and needs for the community through strategic and holistic planning.

A component of the Peel Police Community Safety and Well-Being strategy is to identify and work with priority populations - to provide support and guidance to students about the risks associated with making poor life choices.          

Delivered by trained Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) professionals, participants were provided a combination of online self-study and in-person instructor–led webinars. The course outlined tax planning, financial markets, financial statements, ethics, and more, allowing the students to understand investments in the real world.

“This partnership and collaboration further strengthens Peel Regional Police’s ability to support the needs of our priority populations. As we work with Sheridan College and Moody’s Analytics, this program has created opportunities for those in our community that they may have not had previously. This partnership will allow the Peel Regional Police to still have a vested interest with local businesses and educational institutions and the communities we serve. As a Police organization, we continue to seek out external partnerships that will support our commitment to Community Safety and Well-Being. We look forward to the continuation of this partnership and for the program to grow,” said Deputy Chief Marc Andrews, Peel Regional Police.

“Continuing and Professional Studies at Sheridan College was thrilled to be part of this partnership with Peel Police and Moody’s. As a community college, we prioritize supporting, developing, and investing in the communities we serve to help individuals maximize their opportunities and achieve their potential. We have made intentional commitments regarding access, equity, diversity, and inclusion so this initiative really aligned with our goals. We look forward to continuing to make positive contributions in the Peel and Halton communities.”, added Nazlin Hirji, Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Studies at Sheridan College.

Students enrolled in the course were both appreciative and engaged by the level of learning they experienced. “Collaborative efforts were very effective and helped us as students to focus and learn in a constructive and efficient way,” added Mohamed Karkoukli, one student who completed the training.

Overall, the collaborative program provided students with an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons from positive role models in the financial sector and the necessary certification to help them achieve their goals in life.  

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