Crime Prevention

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) launched its 2014 OACP Crime Prevention Campaign on Thursday, February 27, 2014. This year's campaign theme is " Your Community. Your Safety. Get involved ". View the OACP informative booklet containing crime prevention messages on a variety of topics.

Crime Prevention Services is known for its leadership in identifying and responding to risk management issues affecting both personal and asset protection.  The unit is engaged in several, including:

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  • Personal and corporate asset protection.
  • Residential and commercial risk assessment.
  • Fact sheets and related resources.
  • Program research and development.
  • Public presentations.
  • Community partnerships.

Crime Prevention Services is committed to community based policing principles and community partnerships. The unit is proud to be partnered with the Region's two crime prevention associations; Brampton Safe City and Safe City Mississauga. The partnerships offer unique opportunities for both police and citizens to learn from each other and also join together to make our cities a safe place for families to live in, children to grow and businesses to prosper.

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Crime prevention is a shared responsibility between the community and the police. Crime Prevention Services is the research and policy centre for prevention programs and strategies at PRP. The Unit offers programs to support citizens and commercial businesses in protecting their families, homes and workplace.

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